Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School Projects

The ringing of the first day of school bell is fastly approaching and, depending on their age, the mood can range from excitement to dread. 

Why not try to create some on of a kind projects to help build or harness excitement for the new school year.  Somethings are as simple as applying a few stickers while others take a little bit more work.

Try your hand at some of these Back to School projects:
1) Handy Bookmarks
This is a great project for those wary First Day of Schoolers.  Trace around their hand  on a piece of felt and then decorate any which way they would like with Stick-It Felt Stickers.

You can spell your name, choose a subject, or turn it into a turkey. 

If you are inspired, you can create 10 different hands to help teach colors, numbers, or shapes.

2) Pencil Pouch
With just a little bit of glue and some imagination, you can transform a simple 9 x 12 felt sheet into a brand new pencil pouch. 

These look great in our new printed felt designs!

Check out the rest of our project pages to find more fun back to school crafts!

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