Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Felt is Felt?! Take another look!

We here at New Image, and especially CPE, often hear this dreaded phrase from family and friends when we start getting passionate about what we do: "What is the big deal?  Felt is felt!"  Well, you couldn't be more wrong my friends.  We have a wide range of different styles of felt that are appropriate for different projects.  For some inspiration, check out our project pages to see all the different ways to use it.  Here is a quick cheat sheet for your crafting needs:

Soft Felt
  • These are the typical felt sheets you see in craft stores.  They are great for all general purpose needs.  You can buy them in 9 x 12 Sheets, 36 x 36 Craft Packs, or by the yard.
  • Our Classic Soft Felt is also sold by the yard in 72" width and is perfect for costumes, banners, drapery lining and general crafts.  We achieve our soft hand by using a fine fiber and needling over 3000 punches per square inch.  You have to feel the difference!
  • Our Quick Stick felt is soft felt with adhesive backing.  It is great for creating your own stickers to embellish your projects, scrapbook pages, or add a little extra touch to your accessories.
EZ Felt
  • Our EZ Felt is made up of Soft Felt that has been stiffened.  It allows you to add some structure to your felt projects by being a bit more durable than standard craft felt.  Available in 12 x 18 sheets.
  • Our EZ Felt also works with a variety of personal cutting machines.  You can create your own beautiful shapes for your crafting needs!
  • Stick-It Felt is our EZ Felt line with an adhesive backing.  These are available in 9 x 12 Sheets and the majority of our Felt Stickers are made up of Stick-It Felt.
Premium Soft Felt
  • This style of felt works better for the majority of your sewing projects, as it is designed to withstand wear and tear. Premium Soft Felt also has a great anti-pill quality so the fabric will remain as lovely as the day you brought it home. Available by the yard. It is machine washable and again the use of our fine fiber gives a great soft hand to the felt.
  • We recommend projects such as making purses, mantle covers, play mats, and other decor out of premium felt.
I had a blast making this hopscotch mat with most of the different felt varieties. Now that you know there is so much more to Felt, what will you make today?


  1. Hi! I recently bought a square of your pink rose 9x12 felt (soft felt) and I was wondering if you could tell me if it was machine washable?

  2. Hi Haylee, it really is best to wash your felt by hand. However, depending on the what you've made with the felt, if you use the delicate cycle and hang dry, it should be ok in the washing machine.

  3. I purchase the soft felt often. Is this polyester? Thanks-Rosie

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