Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun Back to School Projects

With the school year back in session and the fun of summer activities over, why not stretch that family time into some great back to school projects?

My personal favorite was making these pencil toppers this past weekend at a birthday party. The kids had a great time making either a flower, bee, alien, or just painting some good ol' wood beads. And, the best part of all, I got to keep the title of being the greatest Aunt ever to the parents and the kids!

Another easy one to make with the kids is this no sew felt pencil pouch. With just a little bit of glue, you are on your way to having the coolest back to school accessory on the block. I love how you can customize it with any of our Stick-It felt shapes.

A great gift I made this year for my niece's first day of school was this Back to School Frame that looks like a school bus. It is simple to make and is a great way to show off that big milestone for all grades to come.

Lastly, a great project that will help reinforce what your young ones are learning at school and at home are these adorable Learn Your Colors Wall Art made from our Lara's line of products. You get to show off your creativity and aid your children's advancement all that the same time. Plus, they also make great bright additions to the bedroom or the classroom.

I hope these offer some fun moments with you and your loved ones this season and make sure to check back often for more great project ideas!

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