Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Designer Craft Tip: Making Shapes

You can do tons of really cool stuff with felt, including cutting it into really cool shapes. But what do you do when want a great shape, but you’re not so hot at drawing free-hand? Use cookie cutters! With all the shapes and sizes out there, it will be easy for the kids to find something they love. Let them trace their favorite cookie cutters with chalk; the chalk is easily washed off so the cutters will be ready for you next baking project. Older children can cut out their own shapes, but smaller kids may need a hand with the scissors. Once you have your new shapes cut out, the possibilities are endless. Glue the shapes to cardboard or construction paper to make pictures and cards or decorate each one, then get out a hole punch and some ribbon for instant tags and ornaments. Let your imagination run wild!

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