Thursday, September 15, 2011

National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month! Whether you use a machine, or stitch by hand, this month is for you.  Did you know? Sewing is one of the oldest arts – scientists believe cavemen sewed in the Paleolithic era, using bone for needles and animal hair for thread. The sewing machine wasn’t invented until the early 1800s and computerized sewing machines weren’t readily available until the late 1970s.

Today people can buy patterns to load into their sewing machines and complete their projects in a fraction of the time. Of course, hand stitching will never go out style. Fixing a button, a quick hem, even a larger project like making a piece of clothing can all be hand sewn for that extra personal touch.

Do you have any special projects underway? Are you looking for some sewing inspiration? Here are a few of our favorite stitched projects:

Children's Play Apron Plush Pumpkins
Fairy Costume Witch's Boot

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